Raja Mohammad Akram & Co’s lawyers Umer Akram Chaudhry, Aneesa Agha, and Asad Ladha recently contributed the chapter on Pakistan in the newly published Delos Guide to Arbitration Places (Delos Guide). This chapter offers a detailed analysis on the law and practice of arbitration in Pakistan.

The Delos Guide, with 54 chapters, provides in-house counsel, corporate lawyers, and arbitration practitioners with in-depth analysis of the legal framework of a large range of jurisdictions. The Guide is a result of an extensive collaboration of leading law firms and practitioners from around the world.

The Delos Guide is developed as a user-friendly guide providing in-house counsel, corporate lawyers, and arbitration practitioners with practical and effective insight into selecting arbitral seats and conducting arbitral proceedings. Each chapter provides a “traffic light” assessment of the jurisdiction and includes two standardised summaries: the first one is for in-house and corporate counsel and the second one for arbitration practitioners. The summaries are followed by a detailed analysis of the jurisdiction.

The chapter on Pakistan can be accessed here.

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